It’s time to change lenses, to stop looking through the eyes of ‘me’ and ‘mine’ and instead begin to see the inherent wholeness of intelligent design all around us. Our Vision, the way we see things now, comes from a 20+ year journey of discovery and a conscious choice to do business differently.

The models we apply with clients are based on our own inner development, active research and our experience of helping organisations see themselves and their impact differently. We have developed a blueprint for healthy conscious work that acknowledges the limitations of the current paradigm and ‘expert thinking’. We have learned that working in a generative flow state allows health and creative vitality to flow through our living body and into the systems we work in.

GenerativeWork energises business activity and introduces new practices that support a truly sustainable ‘triple bottom line’ of people, planet and profit. So we can consciously generate wealth for the whole ecosystem and create ‘net positive impact’ in the world by valuing both inner and outer wealth.

This way of working and being brings the future closer. We can guide you into a discovery of what it means to begin operating as a ‘Teal’ organisation. We already envision the creation of self-aware, self-sustaining, vital human hubs of activity that co-exist in harmony with each other and with life.