Our Vision arises from a conscious choice to do business differently, and collectively bring into being the world we truly want. A world that works for everyone, in which we create value together, upholding the preciousness of life in all its diversity and beauty.

Our clients already share this vision and intention to create a positive impact in the world and in their workplace. We help them with the how.

We believe that we ourselves need to evolve, in order to create a transformation in our external environments. We often sense that we are not working from our full, creative generative flow state and know there must be a better way. As the world changes with increasing rapidity and incoherence, the old ways of doing business no longer answer.

GenerativeWork provides a framework that brings the future closer. Synthesising systemic intelligence, theory U, spiral dynamics and wisdom traditions, our models and practices help people grow the capacities of awareness required for a shift to next-stage leadership and conscious culture.

As ‘Teal’ organisations evolve, leadership becomes a quality; not confined to roles at the top, but expressed throughout a healthy system by everyone focused on a shared purpose. Within a conscious culture, the lived experience inside the organisation matches the external expression of its values, and the integrity of the business is felt by the communities it serves.