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A Letter to our Future Clients

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Please don’t ask us to change your organisation.

There are so many assumptions in that request that the effort is likely to be doomed from the start. Which may explain why so many change initiatives fail, or are measured in such a way as to obscure their failure.

Rather, ask us to get to know your organisation.

Ask us to assess its current health and readiness to walk its path to the future.

Ask us to discover its hidden strengths and blind spots and to hear the full choir of its many voices.

Ask us to find movement when it gets stuck.

Ask us to listen in to the whispers on the wind about what is calling to it from the future.

Ask us to see who belongs here now, and who may be acknowledged for their part and allowed to gracefully leave.

Ask us who is coming.

Ask us what unites your organisation, what fires its passions, what its soul longs for.

Ask us where it sits in its lifecycle and what is the next step to open its fullest potential.

Ask us to explore its impact, both current and potential – its impact internally on the people, soul and history within – and its impact externally, on the marketplace, community and ecosystem that it’s part of.

Ask us to explore where your organisation sits in the sea change to a deeper and more holistic paradigm of conscious business.

But do not ask us to change it.


Living a vision

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Unload was founded by a visionary ex-serviceman with a passion for working with those affected by armed conflict, both those in uniform and their families.

Mike Payne began exploring the early elements of the vision through a creative, systemic lens – art, humour, nature, honouring the fallen – and through practices drawn from nature-based wisdom. We had the privilege of standing alongside Mike when he invited us to do a development piece and explore his leadership along with some of Unload’s early supporters.

The project has blossomed from its early seeds into a young CIC enterprise. Servicemen from military and police forces are finding a space to experience some peace and ‘me’ time. Here is Mark’s story of going on Unload’s residential weekends.

Unload is a wonderful example of a project whose leadership, internal development and external offerings embody wholeness, loving intention and courage to move beyond individual and collective trauma.