Evolving organisations


The evolution of organisations and their level of operating consciousness is beautifully explained in a 9-minute video created by Agile for All. Based on Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organisations, the video visually illustrates the organising principles, structure and breakthrough at each evolutionary level. It’s main purpose is to demonstrate where agile & lean methodologies work best, in terms of working with process and culture change, but it is also an invaluable reference piece for those of us supporting the emergence of Teal organisations. View the video here

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The unified field

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This pure consciousness is called by modern physics the ‘unified field’… and it’s not the intellectual understanding of this field, but the experiencing of it that does everything.” -David Lynch.

Many pioneering approaches to human and organisational development are based on new understanding of the ‘unified field’, including our own body of work.

Filmmaker and director David Lynch reveals how transcendental meditation, in particular, has been the catalyst for immeasurable change in his life, and how tapping into a deeper level of consciousness can be used to harness creativity. View this short video excerpt.