Organisational Constellations

The practice of Organisational Constellations emerged from a systemic psychotherapeutic approach to personal issues in the early 1990s. It transformed existing understanding of human dynamics by demonstrating that many personal/interpersonal challenges and symptoms are, in fact, expressions of a larger systemic problem. By shifting our perspective to look at the whole system, we see why certain issues resist classical interventions or simply re-emerge in another part of the organisation to be dealt with.

Knowledge of the ordering principles governing the health of the whole system allows us to untangle difficulties and offer solutions that restore the flow of activity. We can test the impact of proposed changes, new ideas and large programmes on the wider organisation. This makes Organisational Constellations an ideal tool for divisions and project teams working on strategy, business design, communications, brand identity and other cross-company initiatives.

This form of systemic consulting uses powerful mapping processes that enable ordinarily hidden dynamics to become visible. As trained organisational constellators with over 20 years’ combined experience, we can help you apply systemic lenses to your organisational questions for the purposes of diagnosis, issue resolution and innovation. Please do get in touch for a further conversation.