Our enterprise came into being with a question: “How can we do business differently – so that the production and promotion of goods and services can ethically and truly account for the ‘triple bottom line’ of people, planet and profit?“ 

So we began a first prototype series of open workshops in 2015. These built on 10 years’ combined experience of applying systemic thinking to organisational questions, over 20 years practice of consciousness disciplines, and other human process work. We also integrated latest thinking from business schools whilst observing the process and phenomena of conscious breakthrough in our own clients.

The data was clear. Lasting external changes in the world only follow internal shifts in awareness and perspective. We continued to see that changing from ‘business as usual’ to conscious healthier behaviour requires a fundamental shift in our very sense of self. Our work showed that when people and organisations are able to experience their inherent wholeness and fuller capacities, they begin to operate in connected ways. We were researching both the inner conditions and outer practices that animate work life with energy and purpose.

We felt bold enough to draw our insights together into a series of frameworks and the GenerativeWork blueprint was born. It captures the essential qualities and capacities for conscious leadership and culture. We are now ready to embark on the next phase to build more data sets for some key lines of research we have identified. We will be seeking funding to do further pieces of action research in 2021. In time, these will form the basis of a more formalised research project, to be created with other collaborators and partners.

It is our ultimate intention and vision to disseminate new business understanding and create a future in which self-aware, self-sustaining, vitally alive human hubs will do business in harmony with each other and life.

Please do get in touch if you would like to fund, support or otherwise contribute to this research work.