Open Events

We host a number of open events throughout the year for people to immerse themselves in the ideas and practices of GenerativeWork. We are also delighted to share the inspiration behind the frameworks and create experiential spaces at Conscious Business forums and conference events.

OpenSpace: Creating positive conscious impact, 11th September 2017 – book now
Join Alison and Sarah in a live exploration of the future of work. Explore how you can create a positive conscious impact in work through a life-affirming vision and generative framework for conscious organisations. Full details here

Workshop: Introduction to GenerativeWork
One-day introductory workshops are held in Sussex and London for people to explore a different, conscious way of doing business. Discover what it means to work with new tools, perceptions and ways of being. What does it mean to operate on different levels of awareness? How can you widen your field of perception and see the impact of your work/organisation in the context of many, interdependent living systems?

Teal Exchanges
Based on Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organisations, participants are invited to explore ideas, language and practices that help make ‘next-stage’ organisations a reality. Alison was one of the contributing facilitators at the first Teal Exchange event in March 2017. She created an experiential space called Working with ‘What Is’ to begin seeing the hidden dimensions of human systems, as well as a different quality of consciousness that we might choose to bring into our work. At Teal Exchange 2: Reimagining Work, Sarah and Alison did a reflective closing session that included a whole-group exercise for participants to take their ideas and insights forward in the context of the wider movement.  

Talks and Taster Sessions 
Sarah gave a series of well-received talks in 2016 at the Koorana Centre (Sussex), including ‘The Business of Nature: Aligning your Work with Nature’s Rhythms’ and ‘The Joy of Work: Discovering a Deeper Sense of Purpose and Contribution’. More to follow in the Sussex and Brighton area.

This page is still in creation, so more scheduled events to follow soon!




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