Evolutionary Team Journeys

Holding emergent spaces for surfacing new insights and solutions is key to GenerativeWork. We facilitate teams, multi-stakeholder groups and large events in a spirit of open discovery, paying equal attention to the experiential, ‘felt’ dimension as a source of vital information, as to the desired outputs and outcomes.

This generative approach to conscious business is highly effective for collaborative work, whether for developing vision, strategy, brand identity and communications, or for deepening contact and cohesion in teams. We create the conditions for a powerful quality of contact that activates collective intelligence, creativity and authentic engagement in participants. We do this by embodying respect, inviting honesty and building trust live in the room.

Among the techniques we use are Collective Dialogue, Theory U and systemic mapping (from the sphere of Organisational Constellations). These tools are able to uncover fresh data and strengthen the group’s sense of purpose and connection to the intended audience and beneficiaries of their work. We design safe, creative spaces with you and invite you to work with your many innate capacities as well as your expertise.

To discuss your team’s evolving needs, please contact us.

“I felt that the exercises where facilitated in such a way that inner inquiry was stimulated on a holistic level. It was so easy to share during these exercises!” -HR Manager, Conference Participant

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