Becoming a Conscious Business

This page is still being built but here’s a taste of what’s on offer.

Hosting Conscious Conversations in Organisations
Join the debate about conscious work in a dialogue space for leaders interested in self-awareness and new paradigm business. We share inputs based on our practice in the field and facilitate a meaningful conversation about the core principles and human capacities needed to create next-generation ‘Teal’ organisations. Experience the value of working with wholeness and begin to understand how it can enhance the collective and creative intelligence of your team. You can hold a dialogue in-house for your team, within your own business network, or come along to one of our open events later in the year.

Mindful breathing spaces
We all need space to breathe and slow down. Paying attention to bodily signals, stepping back to see the whole picture and finding an optimal flow, both as individuals and teams, brings valuable benefits. As well as relief from stress, burnout symptoms and overload, you can experience more choiceful, creative, clear outcomes in work. We run sessions over Zoom and  1-to-1 with busy executives and with teams on-site in your organisation in Brighton, London, North Hertfordshire and Cambridge.