Coaching Programme

The Generative Leadership Coaching Programme helps people work through persistent blocks to their potential, so they can step up confidently to their next leadership threshold. The work is deep and intuitive, often accessing hidden barriers to progress and enabling people to move through the transformation process remarkably quickly, even with long-standing problems that have resisted other forms of enquiry. 

Based on the GenerativeWork model, the programme uses embodied and creative processes to skillfully dive below the surface of the client’s cognitive understanding, to access the root of their issue and enable lasting behaviour change. Ideal for leadership development, it opens up new levels of awareness for creating personal and systemic impact, through helping people see themselves within the various contexts in which they operate. It is particularly effective for revealing hidden dynamics that may be impacting on people and their work.

GenerativeWork provides a framework that brings the future closer. Synthesising systemic intelligence, theory U, spiral dynamics and wisdom traditions, our models and practices support the shift to next-stage leadership and future fit business.

The Generative Leadership Coaching Programme comprises:

  • 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions x 10 which may be in person, on or off-site, or on Zoom
  • Email and phone support between sessions throughout the programme
  • An online review process at the start and close of the programme to help the client gauge their progress
  • Further sessions can be arranged on request.

Key Outcomes often include:

  • Heightened clarity for taking action
  • Strengthened quality of relationship in client and their people
  • Increased energy and engagement in the client
  • A stronger feeling of alignment with their work
  • Renewed sense of personal value and purpose
  • More high-value conversations leading to increased impact.

Cost: £2000

If you are looking for a fresh perspective in 1-2-1 Coaching for your business or project, please contact us. A free 30-minute taster session is available to check if the programme is right for you.

Beyond Coaching
Clients often ask for a way to stay in contact with the GenerativeWork principles and practices beyond the Coaching Programme. In answer to this demand, we have created the GenerativeWork Community where subscribers can join us for a monthly online drop in space.

The Leadership Coaching Programme information is available as a pdf download here.