We don’t actually give advice. Our expertise is in creating the conditions for you to travel further than you would ever believe is possible.

Historically, our clients have engaged us to help with diagnosing and resolving knotty systemic issues which resist classical interventions and just pop up somewhere else to be dealt with. Or they seek support for divisions and project teams doing diagnostic testing for new plans or working on strategy, business design, communications, brand identity and other cross-company initiatives.

We invite clients to be increasingly bold and creative. The approach employed in human engagement, insight-creation and breakthrough can be used for the purposes of more ‘radical innovation’. That is, to develop next-stage leadership capacities and culture shift that serves a much wider future vision.

For the Conscious Business, the systemic health, wellbeing, resilience and agility of the whole organisation come into focus. You embed new practices and set business objectives that are designed to create value internally, and at every level. All the way through to the ecosystem. This is the organisational DNA of the future in which strands are unified – Leadership, Sustainability, CSR, Strategy – by having a place within a single generative blueprint.

If you would like to engage us for a business project, please do get in touch.