Sarah James Wright and Alison Wooding are co-founders of GenerativeWork.Space.

Sarah JW
Sarah James Wright

Sharing a background in Marketing and Systemic Constellations work, our working partnership is founded on passion, creative delight and a commitment to serving life in all its diversity. We have been working together for over five years developing our Vision.

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Alison Wooding

GenerativeWork is part of a wider evolutionary movement that is being observed in individuals and organisations. We support people embracing the potential of next-stage organisations, often referred to as ‘Teal’ organisations. Our clients and partners are looking for ways to do business differently, and share a vision of organisational life that positively impacts individuals, communities and the planet.

How we work is different.  We each have a decade’s practice using innovative methods that enable systemic change, including organisational constellations, embodied intelligence, collective dialogue, mindfulness training and Theory U. We are pioneering and actively researching new ways of seeing and enacting business. At the same time, our frameworks have deep roots. We draw on 35 years’ combined experience of traditional business skills and classical Marketing.

Networks and Collaboration
Since 2012, we have become members of a number of business networks and innovation communities that are developing collective ways of working and using the latest business thinking and processes. We work alongside other consultants, trainers and coaches to offer a systemic lens based on our core experience as organisational constellators.

Longer biographies:
You can read more about our career background and work updates online here: Sarah’s LinkedIn profile and Alison’s LinkedIn profile.

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