Sarah James Wright and Alison Wooding are co-founders of GenerativeWork.Space.


Our partnership is founded on a commitment to live  and   work differently; finding ways of serving life in all its   diversity and integrity. We uphold a vision for future work   where whole human beings thrive and contribute purposefully to healthy, resilient organisations operating with connected systemic intelligence. We are dedicated to discovering what it takes to make this real in organisations – laying the ground for compelling alternative practices, to create a choice for organisations and leaders who do not wish to inherit likely scenarios based on our current trajectory.

GenerativeWork.Space is part of a wider evolutionary movement being observed in individuals and organisations (also society and politics). We are here to support people embracing the potential of next-stage organisations, sometimes referred to as ‘Teal’ organisations, which operate according to very different life principles and values. Our clients and partners believe in innate human wisdom and essential goodness, rather than a view of greed, fear, scarcity and competition. We all recognise that it is time to reframe the narrative and the terms within which business operates.

Alison Wooding

In our five-year pioneering journey, we have been actively testing hypotheses and researching alternative organisational practices according to an evolving set of foundational principles. We’ve been learning what works and what doesn’t. Our evolutionary principles rest upon sound knowledge, as we draw on 35 years+ combined experience of traditional skills in business development, strategy, communications, change process and classical marketing across a range of industries.

This is a very human journey. Whilst continuously learning, questioning and prototyping, we have sometimes felt huge strength and sometimes faltered as we hit inner and outer obstacles. Challenging assumptions has meant surfacing our own unconscious, limiting beliefs – seeing them as clues to unlocking larger systemic change. In applying our own templates in support of systemic transformation – to uncover stuck patterns of behaviour, shift awareness, develop collective intelligence and draw out unseen, unimagined future pathways – we have witnessed key change firsthand. Individuals, teams and organisations can transition into a way of operating that fulfils many aims simultaneously – for wellbeing, social responsibility, sustainability, purpose, progress and profit.

We work as fierce ‘loving disruptors’ in organisational systems, challenging norms, being present in the moment and orienting to a solution-focused future vision. We each have a decade’s practice coaching and using innovative methods for engaging in systemic change, including organisational Systemic Constellations, embodied intelligence, collective dialogue, Mindfulness and Theory U. We are also inspired by the Quaker Business Method, Spiral Dynamics, Deep Democracy, the Circular Economy & New Economics, and many, many other sources.

Eoin McCarthy joined GenerativeWork.Space as a non-executive director in the summer of 2018. As an experienced Chairman, non-executive director, and CEO with over 30 years boardroom service with seven organizations, he brings a comprehensive and innovative perspective to strategic decision-making, corporate governance, change, risk engagement and business ethics. Eoin has worked with start-ups and large corporations in Europe, USA and China. He is highly specialized in human process work, as a co-leader of the Quaker Business Method and a certified practitioner in Spiral Dynamics Integralethicability®masterclasses, Myers-Briggs Steps I & II; Leadership Development Framework and the Enneagram in the Worldwide Tradition.

Eoin has been a member of the Quakers and Business leadership group for over 12 years. It was there he met Ali and Sarah, when they attended and subsequently contributed to Q&B annual conferences. A champion of their work from the outset, Eoin’s directorship inspires, complements and strengthens the potential and impact of our work. His Quaker values, wise knowing and holistic and systems perspective are deeply treasured.

Josephine Matthews is an associate consultant with A skilled consultant, coach, facilitator and trainer, Josephine has a senior executive background with over 15 years international experience in multiple sectors. She is highly experienced in supporting systemic change to enable sustainable value creation in organisations. Her insight and leadership in the area of individual and organisational transformation is embodied, authentic and incisive. Josephine brings many gifts to GenerativeWork.Space and weaves together several shared models, including Theory U, Spiral Dynamics and Deep Democracy.

Networks and Collaboration
Since 2012, we have become members of a number of business networks and innovation communities developing collective ways of working and using the latest business thinking and processes. We work alongside other consultants, trainers and coaches, collaboratively and as shadows consultants, to offer a systemic lens based on our core experience as organisational constellators.

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