About Us

Our story

Creating a better world through better business.

Conscious pioneers

Creating positive impact

GenerativeWork was formed out of a deep commitment to creating a world that works for everyone.

We believe organisations are in a unique position to spearhead the global shift towards a more conscious way of being, and our clients already share this vision and intention to create a positive impact in the world and in their workplace. We help them with the how. We’re conscious pioneers, standing at the edge of possibility with organisations who are doing things differently.

Generative business

A systemic approach

Our own organisation is a living example of generative business. With a strongly aligned vision and purpose, we work with wholeness, curiosity and emergence and constantly explore what it is to be generative.

We walk our talk, investing in continuous professional development and applying our own tools and practices to our business paradoxes and pressure points. We have synthesised decades of learning and experience in our Lotus Frame, which we use as an enquiry tool and living model to explore the fundamental principles in any generative system.

We operate nimbly, with a few people at the heart of the business, and flexibly, with a collaborative team selected from our wider ecosystem so that, for each project, you are always working with the best people to bring value to your organisation. Developing strategic partnerships with fellow pioneers enables us to maximise our impact and cross-pollinate our ideas through joint creative prototypes.

Choosing to partner with us is a two-way street - we aim to amplify the impact our clients create, so we concsciously choose clients whose impact we believe in, whatever their size. We actively support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 8: promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. We believe in paying it forward, so we offer a ‘new shoots, good roots’ rate for start-ups and non-profits, as well as dedicating a portion of our time for pro bono projects we care deeply about.

GenerativeWork is led by the complementary talents of Sarah James Wright and Beth King. In 2022 we decided to merge Beth's business, CentrePath, and GenerativeWorkSpace, founded by Sarah with Alison Wooding, who left the business in 2019. Both original businesses formed in 2015 and pursued a similar purpose through business psychology and systemic practice respectively. Our joint endeavour brings a stronger focus to our work with teams and organisations and offer clients a bridge between the best of old and new approaches to business.

Our people

Meet the team

Sarah James Wright, Founder

Sarah is the founder of GenerativeWork and leads the business and the vision. She values the deep partnerships she develops with fellow conscious business pioneers and the creative challenge of designing new solutions to support their growth and impact.

Beth King, Partner

Beth has joined GenerativeWork to lead on our work in organisational development. She is inspired by creating the conditions for businesses and people to thrive in an authentic and conscious way.

Alison Wooding, Co-founder

As a co-founder of both GenerativeWork and our practitioner training partner, The Whole Partnership, Ali has been a champion of systemic work for many years. She stands for the purpose of GenerativeWork and supports with design and practice spaces.

Jane Wolfe, Administrator

Jane is the Administrator at GenerativeWork and keeps the practical side of the business in flow, supporting client experience and stories. A journalist for 30 years, she supports ethical and sustainable natural businesses.

Maria Pattinson, Associate

Maria is a treasured Associate of Generative Work. She loves environments in which individuals and teams can experience wholeness and space to 'let go to let come'. She is both a theatre professional and coach and is deeply committed to connecting creatively with all that makes us healthy and well within ourselves and our world.

Kate Gaffney, Digital Storyteller

Kate is our Digital Storyteller who shares our stories and dreams about GenerativeWork. She is inspired by the fearless leadership of the female team around her and focuses her energy on operating intentionally as an artist in the world.