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Generative organisations

For co-creative, visionary teams and organisations


What if…

  • Every one of your people embodied conscious leadership - authentic, creative, adaptive and purpose-led?

  • Your teams embraced complexity, harnessed collective intelligence and collaborated on things that matter? 

  • Your whole organisation operated as a thriving, living system in flow, meeting the challenges of the 21st century?

Business today is messy, complex, fast paced and uncertain. You know what? That’s not necessarily a problem. It’s an exciting opportunity to experiment, learn and grow, and make a difference. Our purpose is for you to achieve your boldest vision for your organisation and the world.  There’s a whole new way of doing business that meets the complex challenges organisations are facing now. Whether we call this future fit, Teal, conscious, systemic or generative, we are fellow pioneers in this space and we are here to be partners on the journey.


How does it work?

We work alongside your leaders and teams to help disrupt repeating patterns, discover new approaches and integrate them with what already works for you.    

We blend together systemic practice, the latest thinking in business psychology and management, along with ancient wisdom traditions, to help you navigate your way. We invite you to step back and begin to see your system as a whole. From this expanded perspective, it is easier to see what is really going on beneath the surface.

Whether it is exploring a new strategy, becoming more purpose led, building cohesive and collaborative teams, shifting cultures or revitalising leadership, our work will meet you in your unique context. Every project we undertake starts with creating space to listen to the needs of the system in order to create a way forward that works for everyone. 

Our approach invites you to explore the emergent future and bring that learning into the present, as well as acknowledging the past.  Together, we’ll evolve the specific mindsets, behaviours, ways of working and practical changes to actualise your full potential.

“Through GenerativeWork I have got a glimpse of a whole new way of approaching questions I encounter in my work and life. It has the potential to help remove blocks to actualising one’s deepest wishes. To enable one to see what is actually possible for the greater good of all.”

— Katherine, Consultant, Healthcare, UK

Create your greatest impact

GenerativeWork supports your organisation to cultivate:

  • A powerful sense of purpose that guides vision and strategy

  • The trust and integrity of truly living and breathing your values

  • Stronger, empowered teams that work better together

  • Critically reflective, authentic leaders inspiring the best from the business

  • Deeper practices, processes and approaches creating flow and collaboration

  • An evolving culture that creates the conditions for leadership innovation and creativity

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GenerativeWork brought extraordinary skill, insight, creativity and caring to their partnership with our company. The clarity and efficacy of the process was nearly miraculous in its effects. Long-standing misunderstandings, institutional blindness, and painful unresolved relationships all fell away to be replaced by renewed commitments, bursts of creativity and deep dedication to a shared vision.

— James, Founder, New Ventures West, USA