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Generative coaching

For empowered and embodied leadership.


What if…

  • Pushing yourself to achieve more wasn’t the answer?

  • You could connect with your deepest, truest, fullest self to find personal and professional expansion?

  • Work was effortless, collaborative and fulfilling?

When we work at our expansive best, we feel energised and excited to create a meaningful impact and have a profound purpose to serve. But the pressure of our daily grind can squeeze this expansive state out of us, and even things going well can challenge us. We reach our next leadership threshold, where we know we have more to give but we’re struggling to actualise our true potential.


How does it work?

Generative Coaching helps you access your natural flow state and bring your most expansive self to work.

We’ll help you look at the whole picture with a fresh perspective, untangle things that have been holding you back and discover inner resources you knew were there but couldn't reach. We’ll show you a systemic vantage point that helps you understand your work context and clarify the path forward for you and your people or project.

To do this, our coaches use embodied and creative processes to dive below the surface of your current knowledge, understand the root of your issue and enable lasting behaviour change. Ideal for leadership and team development, the work is deep and intuitive, often accessing hidden barriers to progress and enabling people to move through the transformation process remarkably quickly, even with long-standing problems that have resisted other forms of enquiry.

“I gained an ability to listen to my inner voice, develop ways of working which are much healthier, recognise my personal value and identify my own value system.”

— Alison, Manager, National Theatre, UK

Create your greatest impact

Generative Coaching supports you to access:

  • Heightened clarity for taking action

  • Strengthened quality of relationship with people around you

  • Increased energy, engagement and strategic vision

  • Better communication and capacity for powerful collaboration

  • Renewed sense of personal value and purpose

  • Confidence in your influence across and beyond your organisation

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Since the coaching, I am attracting people who I resonate with deeply and work very well with and I am making more money than ever in my life. I feel more focused and engaged in my own work.

— Anamaria, Founder, Re-vision Academy, Colombia