Evolving organisations

Posted: 3rd August 2022

In order to do business differently in a sustainable new paradigm, it is really useful to understand the evolution of organisations and their culture. In this way, you can align to the natural evolutionary movement already underway. Indeed, you may already be seeing this in your people and projects.

The evolution of organisations and their level of operating consciousness is beautifully explained in a 9-minute video created by Agile for All. Based on Frederic Laloux's book Reinventing Organisations, the video visually illustrates the organising principles, structures and breakthroughs in collaboration at each threshold of change. 

The video’s main purpose is to demonstrate where Agile & Lean methodologies can work best, in terms of working with process and culture change, but it is also an invaluable reference piece for pioneering at the leading edge and supporting the emergence of ‘Teal’ organisations.

View the video