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How to fall in love with your business at Beltane

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May Day is approaching and all around us the whole of Nature is ‘getting busy’.  Is your organisation full of the joys of spring?  In this post, I’ll explore how the Celtic festival of Beltane can help us re-examine our business relationships and rediscover our passion for the work that we do.  Beyond the tradition of maypole dancing, what did the ancients know about this time of year that can support a better rapport with our stakeholders?

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“Successful companies change the ecosystem within which they are operating”


At the ‘The Purpose of Business’ conference hosted by the Quakers and Business group in London, November 2015, Prof. Colin Meyer (Said Business School) shared this reflection about successful companies.

The professor’s talk traced the evolution of business from early merchant trade through to the emergence of 21st century virtual giants like Google. He highlighted key changes, like the shift from tangible to intangible assets, and explored current examples of where directors are accountable for the delivery of societal benefits.

Whilst celebrating the tremendous creativity and capital value of pioneering new digital enterprises, he indicated the necessity for rebuilding trust and combining economic efficiency with ethics. He invited a consciously moral stance and pointed at the potential for a new age of Mindful Corporations to emerge.

In this context, we invite you to consider a question…

How can businesses operate with reference to both their own inner compass and to the wider ecosystems they touch?

Think Differently

Quantum Musings

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Alison Wooding

Sometimes it’s impossible not to stand back in awe at the extraordinary chance encounters that happen. I missed a late train from King’s Cross and found myself on a faster train that allowed me to hop onto the missed train further up the line, that is after a 10 or 15 minute wait.

By chance on the station platform I find myself next to a friendly soul and it turns out that he too missed the train and was doing the same thing. Somehow the conversation shifted to marvel at the wonder of 3D printing and it becomes clear that we’re fascinated by the applications of such things, both for good and ill. We’re also interested in alternative sources of energy and other emergent technologies.

Later we hop off at the same station and both happen to live at the far end of town (the opposite end from the station), so…

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