Perfection on a podcast

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I had a great dialogue with Sadie Sharp for the latest episode of her podcast Sharp Shares. Have a listen to our conversation about How Busyness and Perfection Hold Us Back and check out other episodes of Sharp Shares. The Generative Work Podcast is launching very soon! If you would like to be notified when new content goes live, please email and we’ll keep you posted.

Conversation on YouTube


Evolving organisations


The evolution of organisations and their level of operating consciousness is beautifully explained in a 9-minute video created by Agile for All. Based on Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organisations, the video visually illustrates the organising principles, structure and breakthrough at each evolutionary level. It’s main purpose is to demonstrate where agile & lean methodologies work best, in terms of working with process and culture change, but it is also an invaluable reference piece for those of us supporting the emergence of Teal organisations. View the video here


Inner & Outer Work

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To transform the way we work, we also need to transform our own perception, attitude and behaviours. 

We hear from every quarter that ‘Business as usual’ is no longer an option – in relation to each instance of corporate dishonesty, myopic short-termism, inequity within supply chains, depletion of finite resources, and especially in measuring the true cost of human burnout in families and society.

Research now indicates that the new generation entering the workforce is actively seeking work with greater meaning and purpose. There is an opportunity for leaders at all levels to question ‘the way things are done here’ and to use a more systemic, creative, ‘whole’ intelligence to make mindful interventions. The time is ripe for fresh new responses and solutions that generate creativity, wellbeing and fulfilment for ourselves and for others.

This project involves moving beyond ‘head knowing’ and actively exploring and testing out new possibilities in safe, yet dynamic spaces. We have – Ali and Sarah –  dedicated the last five years to living and exploring a key question…

How can we experience and create a livelihood in full recognition of the abundance, completeness and interconnectedness of life?

On that journey of self-awareness and inner development, we met some very uncomfortable personal edges. In order to embody a more generative way of being for example, we needed to fully trust in life’s abundance. And so we had to look at some of our most deeply-held fears, beliefs and attitudes to life. We regularly needed one another, and a wider peer community, to witness and encourage us at key moments in the process.

We discovered that for each significant new step (external action) needed to build this project, there was often a corresponding ‘inner movement’ in our personal growth. Anyone who embraces life as a growth journey, or indeed who uses a coach, mentor or other self-awareness practice, will undoubtedly recognise the truth of this observation.

It is in this lived context that we invite you to ponder the question…

How can I fully embrace my ‘inner work’ as a leader/creator/catalyst of new possibilities and discover how my ‘outer work’ is transformed as a result?