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Women Wisdom and Wonder


Women, Wisdom and Wonder is an experiential learning journey for young women (age 21-35) to discover their source power and how this supports the unique contribution they can make in the world. 

In circle together for one year beginning Autumn 2021, we will cycle through the 8 sacred festivals of ancient tradition, deepening our connection to the rhythms of the earth and to our own inner rhythms. 

Developing self-awareness about our personal patterns and power dynamics, we will map how these correspond to the larger evolutionary movements of the feminine, in search of a healthy, life-affirming balance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. 

We will explore themes around trust, intuition, self-love, body-joy, creativity, relationship, work, belief, destiny and time. We will delight in becoming more of our true selves and see how that brings us into closer contact with our companions and our purpose in the wider world. 

Women, Wisdom and Wonder is hosted by GenerativeWork.Space and led by Sarah James Wright. Each session will draw from a blend of learning, stories, sharing, awareness practices, movement, handcrafts, nature walks and rituals of connection to the feminine. You will have Sarah’s love, support and guidance throughout the journey, as well as that of the other women in the circle. We will create platforms for keeping in contact and sharing resources between sessions, and you can contact Sarah at any time with questions or concerns. 

The Journey comprises 8 facilitated sessions, timed to celebrate the passage of the seasons as we learn, plus 3 self-led check-ins. Zoom sessions will be recorded for anyone who cannot attend. We are including the option for some in-person sessions to take place in nature. 

Full information downloaded HERE.