Take Part, Think Differently

Leading Beyond Lockdown

Leadership is always a tussle between management and strategy, between fire-fighting the latest crisis and developing the vision, working in the business and working on the business. The current climate has increased the tension in this trade off. Our attention is pulled right to the very brink of our organisation’s survival and there is no more normal day-to-day. We are in possibly the most acute existential crisis our species has ever collectively faced, and constantly battling with a fog of fear – Are my loved ones safe? Can I make ends meet? Will I survive the crash? Is that tickle in my throat the start of something more serious?

And yet, as we are pulled right into the heart of crisis management, there is also the opportunity to explore the other pole. When the status quo breaks down, it is easier to think outside the box. We can use this unprecedented time to re-envision our business, test out new strategies and make use of the freedom to let go of old ways of doing things. In fact, now we can truly let loose our imagination on the whole future of work! I see articles daily on how this pandemic will be the opportunity to create a new future, and an equal number of articles saying don’t bet on it, it will be just like before. So who decides? If this is a pivotal moment, what is that calling up in you? What is the future you want to create?

This post poses the question: With business as usual on pause, can we expand our sense of leadership to include awareness of the intricately interconnected systems we live in?

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