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Next OpenDialogue – 28 Nov

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For the next OpenDialogue, we find ourself confronting the nature of reality and our ability to act and shape it. Moving beyond an old definition of separate subjective and objective realms, we touch the ‘intersubjective’ dimension of reality. This place of collective experience is where we build stories and make shared meaning. It’s where we may engage with and influence the unfoldment of evolutionary changes happening in ourselves and in work. Perhaps we’ll touch on some live themes in client work – Shifts in Perception, Different Ways of Knowing, Self-Authorisation and Restoring Trust amongst others – as we shed light on the central question for the dialogue…

If Reality is a construct, what can I trust?

Please join us in a generative conversation on this theme on Wednesday 28 November, 12pm-1pm (GMT). Register interest and we’ll send the video call link.

About OpenDialogues  In moving towards more conscious ways of working, we enter a meaningful and mysterious realm of exploration. We’re confronted with life-changing ideas about our intelligent universe – as redefined by scientific developments – and also about our place as human beings with a specific evolutionary purpose. In this series of lunchtime video calls, we are going to go into the heart of some key questions about human potential and our role in facing the tumultuous changes and evolutionary challenges posed in business and society.