Evolving organisations

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The evolution of organisations and their level of operating consciousness is beautifully explained in a 9-minute video created by Agile for All. Based on Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organisations, the video visually illustrates the organising principles, structure and breakthrough at each evolutionary level. It’s main purpose is to demonstrate where agile & lean methodologies work best, in terms of working with process and culture change, but it is also an invaluable reference piece for those of us supporting the emergence of Teal organisations. View the video here


    • Hi Julian, talking with Sarah about this again this morning! We are conscious of a number of initiatives in the UK and also wondering what it might take for us all to galvanise into a stronger collective, in which folk can meet, share, explore & help to support the emerging social and organisational need for practices and solutions. What’s your sense? love Ali x

      • My sense is that there aren’t enough “leaders” to make this a reality. As Tom Peters has said many times, innovation is driven by “pissed of customers” and not a sense check that there has to be another way than looking in the rearview mirror. Perahps what we need is more of us to create a ruckus about the imbalance in peoples’ lives brought about by years of being devalued but then again who am I to tell anyone how to run their business, let alone their life?

  • Hi Julian, I’ve been really reflecting on your words. They sparked a sudden, interesting stream of awareness about our place and role in the evolutionary movement, and exactly ‘who is the customer here?!’ In a paradoxical way, ‘are we also the leaders?’ I wondered…

    I realised that I was that dissatisfied, frustrated client 15 years ago, who could no longer be part of a large global corporation. So many other catalyst / facilitator / enablers have a similar story in our wider collective. Everything since that personal choice (to leave) has been a journey to figure out how to create healthy, conscious selves and organisations, and this current enterprise is essentially set up along Teal lines…

    In the creation of conscious business and acting as a first wave, are we initially also the leaders? Axx