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Organisation as a living system

We can begin to use a different metaphor for the workplaces we aspire to create and see the organisation as a living system.

Describing the growing movement towards new ‘Teal’ organisations in his book ‘Reinventing Organisations: A guide to creating organisations inspired by the next stage of human consciousness’, the author Frederic Laloux says:

Life, in all its evolutionary wisdom, manages ecosystems of unfathomable beauty, ever evolving towards more wholeness, complexity, and consciousness. Change in nature happens everywhere, all the time, in a self-organising urge that comes from every cell and every organism, with no need for central command and control…

Imagine what organisations would be like if we stopped designing them like soulless, clunky machines. What could organisations achieve, and what would work feel like, if we treated them like living beings, if we let them be fueled by the evolutionary power of life itself?