Living a vision

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Unload was founded by a visionary ex-serviceman with a passion for working with those affected by armed conflict, both those in uniform and their families.

Mike Payne began exploring the early elements of the vision through a creative, systemic lens – art, humour, nature, honouring the fallen – and through practices drawn from nature-based wisdom. We had the privilege of standing alongside Mike when he invited us to do a development piece and explore his leadership along with some of Unload’s early supporters.

The project has blossomed from its early seeds into a young CIC enterprise. Servicemen from military and police forces are finding a space to experience some peace and ‘me’ time. Here is Mark’s story of going on Unload’s residential weekends.

Unload is a wonderful example of a project whose leadership, internal development and external offerings embody wholeness, loving intention and courage to move beyond individual and collective trauma.