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An invitation to do business differently

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What does it mean to do business differently?

Generative Work.Space was formed to pioneer life-affirming frameworks and research visionary practices in business. In contrast to ‘profit at any cost’ and short-term thinking, we embody and support conscious innovation.

When business protects and serves life – taking care of human enrichment, diversity, wellbeing and precious resources (tangible givens) – we see the true nature of value creation. We invite those interested to experience the power of working with self-awareness, system-wide perspectives and understanding based on the ‘unified’ field.

Background story

This project was seeded in 2010 when life brought us, Sarah James Wright and Alison Wooding, together at an advanced systemic constellations practice circle. We shared a classical marketing background, a love of systemic approaches and a passionately held question in common…

How can we do business differently – so that the production and promotion of goods and services can ethically and truly account for the ‘triple bottom line’ of people, planet and profit?

Two years later, we came to work together in purpose-led consultancy the Whole Partnership. The seed germinated and our ideas evolved through exploring the work of other business pioneers including Dr C Otto Scharmer, Peter Senge, Bill Isaacs and Frederic Laloux.

That incubation time reconfirmed that business can be a force for good, and that a movement towards conscious innovation and stewardship is already happening. Thought leaders, such as Giles Hutchins, clearly describe the “deeper shift underway… transforming cultural narratives that inform our ways of operating and organising”.

We set about synthesising our own understanding of this fundamental shift towards self and system aware leadership, cultures and design. We saw that it was possible to ‘become generative’ – that is, work in full harmony with the field of life. We began prototyping this generative approach with solopreneurs and SME business owners from summer 2015. The open workshops revealed fundamental shifts of potential when leaders reconnected to themselves and to their work systems in an essential, purposeful and creative way.

An invitation to you

It is time to found new organisations and to evolve existing organisations in the service of human wellbeing and life itself. We have developed a v1.0 framework for individuals, teams and organisations interested in exploring and applying next-generation business practice through coaching, training and facilitated spaces.

We propose a different set of measures for valuing impact, based on wholeness, embodiment, sustainability and systemic principles. You are invited to join in and help pioneer the future of conscious work.

We look forward to hearing from you…

Sarah James Wright & Alison Wooding