Expansive coaching, consultancy and training for purpose-led pioneers

Reimagine what’s possible. Create your greatest impact.

Our difference

Discover a new way to do business

We’ll help you find more clarity, energy and creativity by connecting your people to an expanded sense of their own potential.

To create your greatest impact, your team needs a new way of working together: focused, energised, collaborative and able to tackle the complexity of a whole system vision for change.

Our services

Expansive coaching, consultancy and training

This is not business as usual.

Generative coaching

For the fullest expression of your leadership. Reclaim the power of the whole of you, work at your expansive best and create a meaningful difference.

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Evolving culture

To help you create your greatest impact, we work alongside your leaders and teams to grow their capacities of generative leadership and evolve a conscious culture.

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Learning & discovery

Creative, engaging spaces to challenge your thinking, learn future-fit approaches to ethical and sustainable business and embrace new ways of working.

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One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is asking for more support to rebalance and perceive the right course of action, and more skill in building teams and communicating effectively, not allowing tensions to escalate.

— Anamaria, Founder, Re-vision Academy, Colombia

What is GenerativeWork?

Awareness + clarity = inspired action

GenerativeWork enables you to identify areas of ‘stuckness’, restore balance and flow, and increase your net positive impact across your entire organisation.

When we fully understand what’s really going on within the system, we can reframe what’s possible and design a vision for expansion that every individual within your team is connected to. Our future-ready methodologies include:

  • Systemic coaching
  • Organisational constellations
  • Theory U
  • Spiral dynamics
  • Wisdom traditions
  • Mindfulness