We are a human development consultancy supporting organisations to make the shift towards future fit business and conscious impact.

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We help leaders and teams blossom into fuller potential and create positive conscious impact through coaching and training based on our evolutionary GenerativeWork model.

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Dive in to some ideas, reflections and resources that we hope will resonate and inspire you. And check out our new Podcast if you prefer an audio/visual format.

  • “Ali and Sarah brought extraordinary skill, insight, creativity and caring to their partnership with our company. The clarity and efficacy of the process was nearly miraculous in its effects. ┬áLong-standing misunderstandings, institutional blindness, and painful unresolved relationships all fell away to be replaced by renewed commitments, bursts of creativity, and deep dedication to a shared vision.”

    Founder, a Consulting Client
  • “Through Sarah and Ali’s work I have got a glimpse of a whole new way of approaching questions I encounter in my work & life. It has the potential to help remove blocks to actualising one’s deepest wishes. To enable one to see what is actually possible for the greater good of all.”

    Healthcare Consultant, Workshop Participant
  • “The latest coaching session came as a revelation to me.
    It just woke me up completely. I feel so much better since then – a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders.”

    International Events Manager, 1-to-1 Coaching Client